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September 12, 2017

Dear Friend,

Remember the wondrous works that he has done. 1 Chronicles 16:12 ESV

Throughout biblical history, God’s people have regularly paused to celebrate His faithfulness. Such celebrations are an opportunity to be reminded of the great deeds of the Lord. Since 1992, God has graciously used RTS Charlotte to help fulfill the Great Commission by equipping and sending pastors, missionaries and other Christian ministry leaders across the United States and to all corners of the world.

In order to meet the challenges ahead, I am pleased to announce our 25th anniversary campaign, “RTS Charlotte: Celebrating Our Past, Present and Future.” Even though the world is changing (and has changed a great deal over our 25 years in Charlotte), we believe that God’s truth does not change. Our prayer is that God would use this campaign to continue to send forth His truth to a world that desperately needs to hear it.

The pages of this website chronicle our 25 year history and will update you on our current impact and on our current and future needs. Please take a few minutes to scroll through these pages.

The number one need at RTS Charlotte is, and always will be, prayer—and more prayer!—for me, our students, our faculty and our staff. Our financial needs are significant as well. Our goal for the 5 year campaign is to raise $5,000,000 in current and future gifts. There are a number of different opportunities to partner with us:

As we celebrate 25 years of God’s faithfulness, will you join with us? Please pray about the role that God might have you take in our mission to send Christian leaders to the ends of the earth.

Yours Faithfully,

Michael J. Kruger
President and Professor of New Testament


Our Past

Reformed Theological Seminary was founded in 1966 in Jackson, Mississippi as an alternative to the many mainline seminaries whose students were graduating and going on to lead their churches without a sufficient commitment to Scripture. Because denominational influence, wayward professors and financial pressures had contributed to this drift from Biblical teaching, RTS was founded on several key principles: the inerrancy and authority of Scripture, no formal denominational ties, no financial dependency on debt or government money, and no tenure for professors.

Turn the clock forward . . . In 1992, RTS officially began classes in Charlotte in an office building on Monroe Road, and in 1994 RTS Charlotte began offering classes at its current location, the former Carmel Baptist Church, at the corner of Carmel and Sharon View roads. Since those very first days, the leadership of RTS Charlotte knew, and was committed to, the reality that scholarships were the only way that many of those called to pastoral ministry could ever afford seminary.

Turn the clock forward again . . . By God’s grace and provision carried out through thousands of faithful generous donors, RTS Charlotte has awarded approximately $10,000,000 in scholarships over the last 25 years . . . And we look forward to seeing our great God at work over the next 25 years. 


Our Present

At RTS Charlotte, our faculty truly embodies the RTS emphasis of “Mind for Truth, Heart for God” through outstanding pedagogy, prolific publishing and compassionate mentoring of their students. Our 25 year history includes many great professors who have retired or gone to be with the Lord and other talented scholars who serve us well in the present and who will continue to teach and disciple future pastors and leaders in the years ahead.

Over the last decade, RTS Charlotte has developed three distinct areas of emphasis or “centers” to prepare students beyond traditional pulpit ministry: campus ministry, counseling and church planting. These centers are thriving as more and more students are drawn to the very practical, but deep, theological education provided at RTS Charlotte.


Our Future

At RTS Charlotte, we believe that learning happens best in a residential, on-campus environment. As we look to the future, we are encouraged by what God has accomplished on our campus:

  • The RTS Charlotte campus is in one of the most attractive and accessible areas of the city.
  • In 2012, we purchased seven acres of adjoining undeveloped land, increasing the size of the campus to seventeen acres.
  • Well-planned and funded campus development will accommodate future growth, strengthen student community, enhance learning and attract more full-time and part-time students.
  • Building a new Student Learning Center and converting the existing library to a Chapel are our next priorities. On-campus student housing may be possible later.

We believe that God’s plan for the future of RTS Charlotte centers on our campus, our faculty, our students and our faithful and generous prayer and financial partners. 

Please prayerfully consider how you might help us continue this great work that He began 25 years ago so that even more men and women can be equipped to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

5 Years $5,000,000 Join Us

RTS Charlotte 25th Anniversary Campaign

2017 marks our 25th year in Charlotte and, in recognition of that milestone, we have launched a financial campaign called “Celebrating Our Past, Present and Future." We hope that you will join us in thanksgiving for God’s blessings over the past 25 years, in recognition of our current role and standing in Charlotte and in His Kingdom, and in anticipation of His continued blessing for the next 25 years and beyond.
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Opportunities to Invest in RTS Charlotte

Student Scholarships
Core Ministry
Campus Development
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Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are our most pressing need. Simply put, without scholarships most of our students would not be in seminary and would not have answered God’s call to ministry.
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Core Ministry

Our Core Ministry is accomplished through excellent teaching by our faculty, strong community among our students and efficient administration by our staff, carried out in the classroom, through our three centers - Biblical Counseling, Church Planting, Campus Ministry - and throughout campus.
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Campus Development

Two important campus development opportunities—a new Chapel and a new Student Learning Center—are within reach because of the availability of seven undeveloped acres on our campus.
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Message From Our President
Remember the wondrous works that he has done.
1 Chronicles 16:12
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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. 

Your Investment Has Far-Reaching Impact

As we celebrate 25 years of God’s faithfulness, will you join with us? Please pray about the role that God might have you take in our mission to send Christian leaders to the ends of the earth.

Local and Regional Impact

Over 700 graduates of RTS live in the Carolinas, including nearly 250 in the greater Charlotte area and another 200 in the metropolitan areas of Raleigh/Durham, Columbia, Charleston and Greenville combined.
The largest ARP church in the country, First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, is led by RTS alum Dr. Derek Thomas and other RTS graduates.
13 of the 21 RUF campus ministries in the Carolinas are led by RTS graduates, including Clemson, Davidson, Duke, NC State, Queens, South Carolina, Wake Forest and Winthrop.

National and International Impact

RTS is the largest Reformed seminary in the world. 2,500-3,000 students attend classes each year at RTS Global online and at 9 physical campuses: Charlotte, Jackson, Orlando, Atlanta, Washington DC, Houston, New York, Dallas and Memphis. RTS also offers seminary training in Indonesia and Brazil.
Our alumni serve in all 50 states in the United States and in more than 80 countries around the world, including church planters in Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and beyond.
RTS is a nondenominational seminary. Our alumni serve churches in more than 70 denominations, as well as ministries such as Cru, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wycliffe, InterVarsity, Campus Outreach, Joni and Friends, Young Life and Reformed University Fellowship.

Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) begins classes in Jackson, Mississippi.

Doug Kelly commutes from RTS in Jackson to teach a weekend class in Charlotte.

RTS Charlotte (RTSC) officially begins classes at an office building on Monroe Road.

Ric Cannada is appointed VP Administration for RTSC.

RTSC leases space from Carmel Baptist Church at the corner of Carmel and Sharon View.

RTSC buys and renovates the current campus.

Chuck Colson gives the address at the RTSC campus dedication service. Sixteen students comprise the first RTSC graduating class.

Frank Reich becomes RTSC President as Ric Cannada moves to the position of RTS Chancellor.

Mike Milton becomes RTSC President and later RTS Chancellor.

The Institute for Reformed Campus Ministry opens at RTSC.

Mike Kruger appointed RTSC President. RTSC buys seven additional acres, expanding the campus to 17 acres.

RTSC launches the Biblical Counseling program.

RTSC opens the Center for Church Planting. RTSC begins campus improvements, including renovation of Wellinghall Books and Coffee.

RTSC launches its 25th anniversary campaign.